Update Sorta Kinda . Well we have merchandise!?

Well we have merchandise finally, OK so it is t-shirts at this point.
WE are trying 3 major ones, We are trying this to help raise funds to do more projects and videos around here so we can learn and pass that knowledge on.

Explore Designs by Garden of the Geeks on Redbubble
Garden of the Geeks Logo
“Wild Bacon T-Shirt” & Wild Bacon Premium T-Shirt

There will be more to come on Amazon ASAP because to date i like their interface better, and i can get designs on both sides of shirt. DO not currently have a shirt with a design on both side but we are working up to it. I think our logo on the back might be kinda cool.

AT some point i would love to be able to afford to start our own store and bring it all in-house. That will have to wait till we can Get some sort of extra income coming in. Then we will be a one stop shop for Geeky, Gardeney & Nerdy needs( I hope).

Tell Us what you all think!

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