Macon Bacon Bits Again

Macon Bacon Bits Again

For those whom missed it the first time and on my other site I will lay out the Process here if done from Raw

1. First thing is to partially freeze uncooked raw bacon
2. Cook bacon no till it is super crisp but fairly done
3. Soak up as much grease as you can at this point
4. Lay out on Dehydrator tray you can pack it sorta tight 5. Put in dehydrator set for jerky. Making sure to take it out every so often to pat off grease.
6. Weigh out in 1/4 lb increments
7. vacuum seal and add to freezer for longest storage time

WE got Lucky and got 10lbs for 19.99 at local store..
Then today was making shopping list after starting to dehydrate bacon and see this.

Man 50% off what we paid for it. Guess we gotta get more!

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P.S. Wish the web had smell-O-Vision Cause my house smells Great, I would love to share that with you as well!

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