Humanure – turn your waste into compost!

Composting toilets may sound “icky” at first, but really it’s no more icky than sending your waste to a facility to get treated with chemicals, and then sending it back into the water supply… Composting human waste is arguably cleaner than the conventional flush toilet, and it provides nutrients to your plants.

Composting toilet in public restroom in Sweden

I’ve read a lot about composting toilets but I’m not ready to build one yet. So I just signed up for a virtual class to expand my knowledge and give me the confidence to design our own system. If you want to sign up to learn about it, you can also join! No matter where you live, there will be information you can use. The fee is very affordable too, just go to

This class will teach you:

  • How different types of site-built and commercial composting toilet systems work
  • How to safely operate and maintain a composting toilet
  • How to permit a composting toilet in Arizona & guidelines to engage regulators if you live elsewhere

Composting your waste is good for the environment! It saves water, and eventually your ‘recycles food’ gives food and nutrients to your garden. I understand some people don’t like the idea of using this kind of compost on edible plants, but you can still use it on non-edibles like flowers or ornamentals.

Happy composting!

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